Committed to associative innovation and sustainable development in Chile

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Committed to associative innovation and sustainable development in Chile

We understand sustainability holistically, in its environmental, social and economic realms, through Research, Development and Innovation projects. One of the most emblematical initiatives is our Sustainability Code for the Chilean Wine Sector, which has had the support of Corfo since its inception. This voluntary standard is aimed at incorporating sustainable practices in any Chilean wine company, based on requirements in four complementary areas: vineyard, process, social and wine tourism.

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Code Areas

We work in three areas of the production chain, and we are also concerned about giving a sustainable approach to wine tourism.

  • Green Area


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    Vineyard. It is implemented on own fields or with long-term leases.

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  • Red Area


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    Process. It considers the winery, bottling plant and other facilities related to wine production.

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  • Orange Area


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    Social. It applies to the entire company, including its fields, offices and production facilities.

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  • Purple

    Sustainable Wine Tourism

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    Sustainable Wine Tourism. It corresponds to the physical location of the company where wine tourism activities are carried out, which are within the vineyard facilities.

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• We invite you to review in less than 3 minutes what the Sustainability Code is and which are its main areas.

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Our Pillars

Committed to the environment, workers and communities.

The pillars show the broad scope of the Code in environmental, economic and social matters, but it also focuses on key aspects that support work with a sustainable perspective, focusing on everything from the structure and management of the organization to the impact on others. relevant stakeholders..

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Do you need to get certified?
These are the steps to follow…

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    Register in the system

    This is the first step. You must send an email to the Technical Organization of Wines of Chile to receive key information and obtain the registration number.
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    Implement the Standard

    When you already have access to the site's intranet, you can download the regulatory documents and begin implementing the standard in the different facilities that you will submit to the certification system.
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    Contact a Certification Body (CB)

    When you have already implemented the standard, you must request the audit directly with the CB, completing the required information. Once the request is received, the CB will send the quotation to the requesting company and once the latter is accepted, the date of the inspection will be coordinated and an audit plan will be provided.
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Know the Certified Wineries

Our certified wineries comply with high social and environmental standards and are strongly committed to sustainable development.

  • Casa Silva
  • Los Vascos
  • Patacón
  • Santa Rita
  • Veramonte
  • VIK
  • Viña San Pedro Cachapoal Andes

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